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Francis Crawford of Lymond returned to the suspicious bosom of his homeland

Dorothy Dunnett, The Disorderly Knights

Granny’s implicit belief that everything should get out of her way extended to other witches, very tall trees and, on occasion, mountains.

Terry Pratchett, Wyrd Sisters (via discworldquotes)

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Tom Erskine NOOOOOO

god DAMMIT I thought we had a whole nother book left, noooooooooo

New subtitle for Disorderly Knights: SO MUCH WORSE THAN YOU THINK

Oonagh is apparently drowned and Lymond’s deciding to go back to Scotland and EVERYTHING IS SO MUCH WORSER THAN I THOUGHT THE FIRST TIME




Elizabeth Olsen photographed by Alex Prager

Elizabeth Olsen photographed by Alex Prager

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"Notoriously, at some time, every faction in the kingdom had tried to buy Lymond’s services. Nor was the bidding restricted to Scotland, or to statesmen, or to men. Europe, whenever he wished, could provide him - and probably did - with either a workshop or a playground."




Oh dear, now I’m wondering what on EARTH Lymond got up to in the, what, three months? between the end of Game of Kings and the start of Queens’ Play, to give Tom Erskine such a panic at the idea of employing him.


Competitive brawling

Indiscreetly serenading inauspiciously-chosen women

Meddling with the Danish succession


Following Richard around his estates for an entire week saying nothing but “mmHMM”


Annoying the Spanish


Teasing ambassadors at dinner parties with anti-religious theories

Industrial espionage

Attempting to tune Kate’s harpsichord to her geese, in order to improvise duets

Carrying on a suggestive, anonymous correspondence with half the crowned heads of Europe

To add to these I have a lot of headcanons about Lymond and Mary Queen of Scots

Lymond buying little Mary a lot of pet mice and helping her train them

Releasing the mice into the castle kitchens

Placing mice in the rooms of all the higher-ups

Teaching her how to manipulate her way out of trouble

Showing her the best hiding places

Teaching her heretic and controversial political theories for her to repeat to her mother

Consider also:

Annoying the Italians

Donning increasingly ridiculous disguises and demanding audiences with various heads of state.

Teaching Mariotta to gamble

Sheep rustling just for kicks

Creating new technologies in whisky distilling.


Further possibilities:

Stealing English cattle then locking said cattle in English fortifications, castles, parlours etc while everyone’s out looking for them

Teaching Sybilla, at her insistence, the words to every dirty song he’s learnt since he left

Confusing the Erskines

Accidentally learning to cook while following Kate around her house, bickering, for five days

Fucking with George Douglas in any number of ways, up to and including bribing all the kitchen staff to smuggle him into dinner in a giant silver salver.

KILL THE BASTARD is maybe a poor choice of words (I’m sorry)

Jerott added picturesquely, “You draw your strength from the Devil to seduce men.” Then, shutting his eyes abruptly, he buried his face in his burned arms.


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